WhatsApp launches desktop apps for Windows And MAC OSX 10.9

WhatsApp launches desktop apps for Windows And MAC OSX 10.9 – When I said there is a new style of creating ideas, you might though that every day on system can change any thing but you really need to take a step and think about technology.  Now Whatsapp make it easy for me and you to save our data on you mobile phone, there Is no need for you to subscribe your Android phone and thinking of where to see money to subscribe with your Laptop that why WhatsApp brings you a new idea of technology on how to connect you WhatsApp app with your PC using you phone number.

WhatsApp launches desktop apps for Windows And MAC

WhatsApp, Has lunched a new desktop clients for Mac and Windows.The release comes about 15 months after WhatsApp released its first web app. For those who have been using WhatsApp on thir PC web browser will find the sofware not significantly different. According to WhatsApp company announcement said the Desktop App is very simple and extension of the mobile Phone and the message synced between devices.

WhatsApp launches desktop apps for Windows And MAC Download WhatsApp App Mac or Windows PC

When you visit Whatsapp home page you will see a downloading button then what you need to do is, By clicking the Download button to download this means you agree to whatsapp Terms & Privacy Policy once you click download.

WhatsApp must be installed on your phone.

Windows 8 and higher

If you are not using Desktop then you can use the MAC OSX 10.9 and higher to download

Once you finish downloading the WhatsApp Desktop and Mac App then you need to lunch it on you System before you can login.

Use WhatsApp on your Phone to scan the code without the code you will not be able to login.

Keep your connection signed in the idea of Whatsapp desktop is to reduce mobile date usage, make sure you are using your phone connection to Wi-Fi.

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1. IF you are using ANDROID Phone go to Whatsapp – Menu – WhatsApp web

2. If you are using WINDOWS PHONE – Go to Whatsapp – Menu – WhatsApp web

3 .If you are using BlackBerry 10 Open WhatsApp – Swipe down from top of your Screen – WhatsApp

4. If you are using Blackberry Open WhatsApp – Chat- Menu Key- Whatsapp Web

5. If you are using iPhone Open WhatsApp app – Settings – WhatsApp web

6. If you are using Nokia S60 phone Go to WhatsApp -Menu-WhatsApp web

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Then connect it after scanning the code.

Where to download WhatsApp

Download for iPhone from iTunes App
Download for Android from our site
Download for BlackBerry from our site
Download for Nokia Symbian from our
Download for Nokia S40 from our site
Download for Windows Phone from Marketplace

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