Register WeChat Account And Make Free Video Calls, Texting & voice messages

Do you know that you can not register WeChat account without downloading WeChat app?. It’s difficult to register WeChat account or Sign Up WeChat from web without WeChat app. Its very important to download WeChat app before you can fill WeChat registration form.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is one of the popular social network (Chatting) network in China and is an instant messaging service provider in China.
However, WeChat have over Millions of user all over the world.
To complete WeChat registration account you need and must download WeChat app and then start filling your WeChat registration form.

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The Good thing about WeChat account here, is that you can be able to chat with people contact you have on you phone with his or her numbers. You must register it with your phone number not email address.
After then you can make free call, audio calls, texting and share moment with your love ones.

How to Download WeChat App from iPhone, Android and more

For an Android Devices:

  •  Go to your “App Menu
  • On your app menu tap the “PLAY STORE”.
  • On the play store, scroll or search for “WeChat app”
  • Tap on the WeChat once it open
  • Tap the “Install” icon to download and install WeChat App.
  • Wait for a second while WeChat app is downloading.
  • Go back to WeChat app to login or “Sign Up“.

These steps is only to learn how to download WeChat app from Google play store not iPhone.
To download WeChat app for iPhone then you will have to go to the Apple play store to download your favorite chatting app.

How to Use WeChat Account.

Another good thing about WeChat is that you can use web to scan the code and start using web App.
You don’t need to use you phone while connecting to your PC, its not difficult to scan the code.

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Download the WeChat app on your PC to connect with your phone, now all you need to do is to visit WeChat correct with site.

Wechat App And Register WeChat Account Free Via
  1. Open your phone browser and tap on the new page
  2. Type in this url or copy the url and paste it on your browser.
  3. For English or
  4. On the website click the web.wechat to download the app.
  5. After the web app download scan the QR code to login.

How To Register WeChat Account

Once you finish install the app you will be able to complete WeChat registration account. Then you will be able to connect with half million people and got more personal.

How To register WeChat Account

  1. Open WeChat app
  2. Tap the white icon “SIGN UP”
  3. Wait for a second while the app is preparing for the  next step.
  4. Upload or add your profile photo
  5. Crop the Image and tap the Ok button to upload it.
  6. Enter your full name. E.g First Name & Last Name.
  7. Choose your region
  8. Enter your mobile phone number
  9. Choose your password. Note: password can contain both 16, Characters, numbers, spaces and Bar.
  10. Click the “SIGN UP” button.
  11. Wait for a while while WeChat will send a verification code to your phone then enter the code or allow WeChat to access your message.
  12. However, make sure you allow Wechat to access your contact. Then Click “DENY or ALLOW”

Congratulations your WeChat account have been created.

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