US NAVY Recruitment Form 2016/2017 –

US NAVY Recruitment Form 2016/2017 –  – United States Navy

How do You join the US NAVY Recruitment?

If you’re looking to learn more about becoming part of America’s Navy, right away you’ll want answers to some pretty important questions. Do I qualify for Navy service? How long would I be required to serve? What’s the actual process of becoming a Sailor? What kind of training could I expect to undergo?

The answers to these and other questions depend upon a variety of factors, including whether you’re new to the military, whether you’re currently serving in the military or whether you’ve previously served in the military. And beyond that, are you interested in serving full-time in the Navy or part-time in the Navy Reserve?

Select Your Service Background
In the Service Background we have three types of categories which you have to select only one.
1. Never Served before
2. Served Before
3. Serving Now

US NAVY Recruitment Form

So if you never Served before what you need to do is to click on the link to join United State NAVY (US NAVY). I will show you how to JOIN US NAVY before applying it.

You don’t have prior military experience, so you need to know how to go about joining and serving in the United State – US Navy CLICK HERE TO JOIN <<<<RECRUITMENT FORM FOR US NAVY 2016>>>>>>
The US navy requirements Entry Requirements
1. you want to be no previouser than thirty four however a minimum of seventeen years old. If you’re not nevertheless eighteen, you want to have parental consent. To function a politician, you want to be no previouser than thirty five however a minimum of nineteen years old reckoning on the program desired.
2. you want to be a U.S. citizen or, if you’re a non-citizen, you will be a part of the Navy if you entered the us on a permanent residence visa or have associate Alien Registration positive identification and have 1)established a genuine residence, and 2) established a home of record within the us. To function a politician, you want to be a U.S. citizen.
3. if you’re one parent; however note, the Navy can unremarkably not enable you to enlist or be a part of if you have got over 2 dependents underneath the age of eighteen.
4. you want to prove that you just will meet your current monetary obligations.
5. you want to be a high-school graduate, have earned a GED or have met different high-school equivalency needs to enlist as a Sailor within the Navy. To become a politician, you want to have received a four-year bachelor’s degree or BA degree from associate commissioned university and have sturdy grades.
6. The Navy includes a intolerance drug/alcohol policy. Early within the period or commission method, you may take 2 uranalysis tests. You’ll even be asked questions on previous drug and alcohol use. Answer honestly. If you have got queries, contact a recruiter.
7. The Navy conjointly applies medical, legal and character standards to your application, as well as traffic offense history, criminal history, citizenship standing and a lot of.

Because qualification and commitment details relate to your specific background and interests, you ought to contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
Enlisted Programs

The Navy depends on noncommissioned personnel to hold out a broad vary of essential job responsibilities – with many positions in dozens of various fields.

If you’re a highschool graduate (in rare instances, GED certificates may be accepted) WHO is driven to try and do a lot of and be a lot of, you will be eligible to become associate noncommissioned Sailor within the Navy.
Recruit coaching Programs

Whatever career space interests you, the thanks to changing into associate noncommissioned member of the Navy is simple. First, you may have to be compelled to attend Recruit coaching – conjointly called cantonment – to arrange you for the Navy. From there, you may prolong to receive a lot of initial coaching – this point in your activity specialty. a couple of different programs to bear in mind of that issue into this era of period include:

individual Challenge Program: Those curious about serving in areas of service Special Warfare/Naval Special Operations will begin their quest before and through cantonment.
sidekick Program: 2 or a lot of people (of identical sex) will enlist along, undergo military training along and, if they need identical job, probably undergo advanced coaching along and even serve at identical initial duty station.

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
Delayed Entry Program (DEP)

Joining the Navy could be a huge commitment and life call which will quickly launch your future. However, you’ll be a part of the Navy while not like a shot beginning down the method toward period. DEP permits you up to a year to require care of any concern and hold up any loose ends before reportage in.

More Details on Recruitment US NAVY Form

Questions? Contact the US NAVY Recruitment Form for details.
Officer Programs

For skilled management responsibilities, the Navy appearance to its Officer ranks to guide by example at each level of operations and management. If you are a collegian or graduate WHO is curious about exceptional leadership and management opportunities, you will be eligible to become a politician within the Navy – count yourself among a number of the foremost revered men and ladies serving our country.
Programs for faculty Students

For students reaching to attend school or those already in class, the Navy has many school choices programs that enable you end your degree and enter into Navy service upon graduating. relying upon the program, you will receive Officer coaching in between graduation and your initial assignment as a officer.

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
Programs for faculty Graduates

For qualifying school graduates on the thanks to getting into several of the Navy Officer careers, Officer Candidate faculty (OCS) is that the needed step before usurping your initial assignment as a officer.

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
Programs for Degreed Professionals

If you’re a qualifying degreed skilled or a graduate WHO possesses leadership skills and determination, you will be eligible to become a politician within the Navy through the Direct Appointment Program. Officer Development faculty (ODS) is that the needed step before usurping your initial assignment as a officer.

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
General Career Focus Areas for Officers

Direct Appointment is on the market to U.S. voters with skilled experience within the following fields:

Aviation (Flight Support)
engineering science
Human Resources
info skilled
Public Affairs
Purchasing, provide &amp; provision

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.
Health Care Specialty Focus Areas for Officers

Positions in numerous fields of health care square measure a number of the foremost extremely sought-after careers in America’s Navy. If you’re a civilian MD, dentist, nurse or specialist, you’ll enter as a politician within the community related to your profession – and you will be eligible for advanced rank and pay.

Professionals operating in health care already apprehend what it’s prefer to create a distinction within the lives of others. By serving within the Navy, you’ll add a replacement dimension to your own career as you with pride look after people who defend our country and serve world humanitarian causes. You’ll be ready to take your medical experience to new levels with expertise in progressive educational, clinical and/or operational settings.

Learn a lot of concerning operating in any of those areas of Navy Health Care within the Navy: (US NAVY Recruitment Form)

Health Care Administration
Health Care Science
Clinical Care

Questions? Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.

Active Duty Entry method for brand spanking new Servicemembers

The process of changing into a part of the Navy is comparatively easy and seamless. Recruiters can guide candidates through the method – serving to you whether or not you qualify as associate noncommissioned member or as a politician. Here, learn a lot of concerning the way to prepare and the way the method works.
Process of changing into associate noncommissioned Sailor

Your official Navy career begins at the Military Entrance process Station (MEPS). Through MEPS, you’ll take an inherent ability check and physical examination. Then you’ll choose a Navy career and recite the Navy Oath of period.

Currently, there square measure sixty five MEPS facilities set throughout the U.S. meaning there is a location near you. Your Navy Recruiter can schedule a rendezvous and supply extra details.
A bit-by-bit Guide to MEPS
Step 1: bear prescreening along with your recruiter

During your initial physical screening, your recruiter can fill out a basic medical prescreening report and forward it to the medical personnel at MEPS. once review, they’re going to offer your recruiter the go-ahead to schedule your initial visit to MEPS.
Step 2: Take the Armed Services line of work ability Battery (ASVAB) check

You will need to take the ASVAB check to work out that careers you qualify for, supported your ability to be trained for those careers. There square measure commercially made ASVAB information/study guides obtainable.
Step 3: Gather along the mandatory documentation

There square measure many normal documents you may have to be compelled to bring with you for your initial visit to MEPS. These include:

social insurance card
Driver’s license
Proof of citizenship (immigrants only)
Direct Deposit type 1199 signed by a bank official; or the name, address and routing variety of your establishment at the side of your account variety
If applicable: legal instrument of support from parents; notarized copies of wedding certificate, divorce decree or separation order; notarized copies of birth certificates for your kids underneath eighteen years of age; and court documents and direct deposit forms, if ordered to pay spousal and/or support payment
Name, social insurance variety and military address of your spousal equivalent, if you’re married to a different servicemember within the Navy or the other military branch
Copies of your lease agreement or rental contract for any dependents residing outside of state quarters
Documentation of any Reserve Officers Training Corps expertise and school transcripts

Step 4: Keep copies of your orders

Be sure to stay all copies of orders and documents issued to you by your unit recruiter and/or MEPS.
Step 5: give case history and bear physical examination

Your MEPS physical can begin along with your case history report. You’ll be asked questions on your current or past medical conditions, if applicable. Next, you’ll bear basic blood and uranalysis testing, followed by hearing and vision exams. Your height and weight are recorded, and you’ll perform easy flexibility tests. within the final step, you’ll sit down with a doctor concerning your case history.
Step 6: choose your career

After you’ve completed your case history and physical examination, you’ll be sent to your Career Classifier to pick out a Navy activity specialty. If you’re unsure what you would like to try and do, take your time currently to go to the career opportunities section of this web site.
Step 7: Complete your pre-enlistment interview

The next-to-last step at MEPS is that the pre-enlistment interview, wherever you may be asked questions on your background. If any extra testing is needed for the career path you’ve chosen, it’ll be performed at this point.
Step 8: Take the Oath of period

After you’ve completed this interview, you and your Navy Recruiter can review and sign your period contract before you are taking the Oath of period.

I,___________________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that i will be able to support and defend the Constitution of the us against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that i will be able to bear true religion and allegiance to the same; which i will be able to conform the orders of the President of the us and therefore the orders of the Officers appointed over ME, consistent with laws and therefore the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me, God.

Questions? Contact the US NAVY Recruitment Form for details.

Enlisted – It Starts With Recruit coaching (Boot Camp)

As a Navy fledgling, you may be needed to attend Recruit coaching (Boot Camp) in lake, Ill. This seven- to nine-week course can facilitate remodel you from a civilian to a Sailor, each mentally and physically. Be ready to receive an excellent quantity of data and bear intense workout during a short amount of your time.

Some specific aspects of Recruit coaching that you just can bear include:

Physical coaching (PT), Physical Readiness check (PRT) and a private Fitness Assessment (PFA)
room instruction and tests on military bearing, protocol, customs and courtesies
Chemical, Biological and tomography Defense (CBRD) Exercises
Basic sea Firefighting
Navy Third-Class Swim check
Reciting specific customs and traditions (including the “Sailor’s Creed,” eleven General Orders of a lookout man and “Anchors Aweigh”)

Learn a lot of concerning what to expect in cantonment and look into the Standards, Transitions, Acknowledgements, needs and coaching (START) Guide.
Preparing for cantonment

Before about to your listing of what to bring and what to not bring back cantonment, you will wish to urge a start on your physical learning. To do that, we propose a strength-training program that begins a minimum of six months before your initial coaching. this may give you with the physical strength and mental toughness to enter Recruit coaching confidently.

Suggested daily exercises embrace a mixture of the following:

Walking and/or cardiopulmonary exercise

Learn a lot of concerning the way to prepare yourself for cantonment and look into the Fitness and Nutrition Guide as a resource for your preparation.
Moving on to Specialty coaching

Upon completion of Recruit coaching, noncommissioned Sailors within the Navy can generally prolong to receive specialised coaching within their activity specialty – noted as “A” faculty – at any of varied locations in the U.S. extra office coaching on the far side that – noted as C-School – {may be|could even be|is also} also be related to bound ratings specialties.

After all foundational coaching is complete, Sailors can report back to their initial duty station as Active Duty servicemembers.

Contact the  US NAVY Recruitment Form or details.

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