Top Blogger Apps For Android that Will Help Bloggers

I spent over an hour on internet making a research on how to improve your Blogger traffic with the new Google top Blogger apps for Android that will helps to post by using Blogger apps, many bloggers have a good Smartphone but they don’t know the importance of using an Android phone.
Google release an official Blogger Apps and make blogging work look easier for me and you to work on. Start blogging while using Smartphone’s After composing a post you can save your post to draft and you can also view the list of your saved and published posts.

I am right here to help those who are using Bloggers to improving you on how to use blogger app on your Android Phone. Before it was very difficult to use Android to post and view audience but today a new improvement as arrived for everybody who doesn’t have PC to improve his blog posting but at least using Smartphone.

Why you need to learn the Top Blogger Apps For Android to Improve Blogging Business.

In the past years ago when everybody were using Computer to publish article on his or her site but today a new style of Google Android App will help you to Publish you article without using Laptop to publish an article.

Right here let see how it work when Using Android Blogger App for Android, Tablet and iPhone.

List of Top Android apps for Bloggers
1. Blogger App
2. WordPress App
3. Plagiarism Checker App
4. Google Analytics
5. Google Adsense Andriod App
6. Buffer app for Social media management
7. Feedly App for feed reading
8. Pocket
9. Clear Focus for productivity
10. IFTTT (Automate as much as you could)
11. Sharethis
12. Mobilepress
13. SEO Tools

Before the coming days Smartphone will become one of the best computer to be used due to their compactness and design. As a blogger you should take this advantage of Smartphone’s and make blogger comfortable every time while using Android Blogger App.

How To Download Blogger App to Android Phone

No big deal here to learn how to download Android App to enable you to use Blogger App. today released an article about Top Blogger Apps For Android that will improve blogger traffic

  1. Get an Android Phone if you don’t have any before you can get started.
  2. On your Android Smartphone go to Google play store.
  3. Search for Blogger App
  4. Once you see the App from Google play store then click on the App
  5. Download Blogger App while you are downloading it will install automatically
  6. After downloading, Blogger App will create a shortcuts for him self
  7. Then go to your Smartphone app menu and lunch Blogger App

What you can use App and do

While using blogger App there are many things you can use the Easy Blogger App to do.

  1. You can use the blogger app to Post on your site or Blogspot website
  2. Using blogger now you can use it to control or design your blogger templates
  3. You can also use it to add some layout from your blogger dashboard.
  4. Blogger Comment another good important thing you need to know about. Use blogger app to check your Spam comment and also use to approve your comment.


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