Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites People are Using in USA Only

If you are in USA and you don’t find out about the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites in USA. That means you never start searching for your right Social network. However, Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites which you will like to grape one today.

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We all knowing that Facebook remain number one social network in the world. Over Millions of people today are using Facebook both in United State Of America (USA) and other countries. However, there are many social network which is better for your to use.

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Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites in USA

Here are the top 15 most popular social networking sites In USA. Social Networking that drives more traffic in USA and other counties with Alexa world Global ranking.

Popular Social Networking Sites

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  1. Facebook: Is the world largest social network that enable its users to share information. Face book make communication to be easier through Messaging and video chat. Facebook hit 3 Compete Rank & 2 world global Alexa Rank. It one of the best social network so far.
  2. YouTube: Is an American video sharing website. For people who love to Watch Movies, Music videos and other entertainment. Can Download and Upload Original Videos and share it with family & friends on YouTube. YouTube Compete 4 Rank. 2 Quantcast Rank & 3 Alexa World rank.
  3. Twitter: Is an Online social networking service which enable the users to tweet and read short. User can only send 140 Characters message called tweets. Twitter make it easier for those who are unregistered to read only before register. Twitter Hit 21 Compete Rank, 8 Quantcast Rank & 8 – Alexa Rank.
  4. LinkedIn: Is he most popular networking tools that enable users to find to recommended business partners.On Linkedin you can send message and also receive message from your business partner. Linkedin Hit 21  Compete Rank, 8 Quantcast Rank And 8 – Alexa World Rank
  5.  Pinterest: Is the most popular social networking sites that enable users to share content. Pin images, videos including standard social networking features. Compete 27 Rank, 13 – Quantcast Rank & 26 Alexa World Rank.

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  1. Google Plus+: Is the Most Popular Social Networking Sites in Usa which users are sharing information, follow you and add you. & its Compete 32 Rank, 28 Quantcast Rank & NA – Alexa World. We rate that Google+ is the best so far but it have to improve more to become number one.
  2. Tumblr: Is the most popular microblogging social networking sites. That makes users to Post anything and customize everything. On Tumblr the users can find and follow what you love. Tumblr Compete 55 Rank, 13 Quantcast Rank & 34 Alexa world Rank.
  3. Instagram: Is the most popular photos and videos share social networking sites. Which enable user to share any thing. People can follow and unfollow any body on Instagram. Its Compete 49 Rank, 145  Quantcast Rank & Alexa 36 World Rank.
  4. Reddit: Is the most popular social Media news aggregation networking site. User can create news links. Vote or  promote stories to front page. Reddit Hit 81 Compete Rank, 146 – Quantcast Rank |And 30  Alexa world global Rank.
  5. Flickr: This is one of the most popular social networking that based on picture galleries. Chat, Group and Photo ratings which is all available for users. Compete 138 Rank, 139 Quantcast Rank & Alexa 91  World Rank.

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  1. VK: Is the most popular European online social networking site. On VK you can communicate with others comfortably and promptly. VK  Compete 150 Rank, 120 – Quantcast Rank & Alexa 21  world Rank. Every one are using VK. You can also change the language to VK English.
  2. Vine: Is the most popular entertainment social networking site where videos and personalities get really big. Users can follow and also see who follow him or her as well. Vine Compete 237 Rank, 335 – Quantcast Rank  Alexa 1,172 world Rank.
  3.  Ask.fmIs the most popular ask and answer social networking site. Its help the student for question and answers. And is one of the best Question & Answer. 2,046 Compete Rank, 113 – Quantcast Rank & 179 Alexa World Rank.
  4. ClassMatesIs a world largest social networking where you can reconnect with hight school friends. The biggest database of online Yearbook. Here you will be able to meet your old classmate when you search for them. ClassMates hit 153 Compete Rank, 285 Quantcast Rank &  4,022  Alexa World Rank.
  5. Meetup: Is a well known social networking site that users can meetup with people. Is also a local community where users can share interests together. MeetUp Compete 791 Rank, 701 Quantcast Rank & Alexa 296 world Rank.

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