The Most 10 Terrible Deaths Of WWE Superstar

What do we learn from the deaths of WWE Superstars?. This are the most 10 terrible deaths of WWE superstar. Before talking about what you don’t know about Wrestling, i will likely to tell you all that Wrestling is quite different from other sports that death rate seem not ordinary. Wrestlers now a days dies at a young age which make the fans look as if they are not surprised when a recent or former stars dies in his home land. Death has become of the popular name on the long list of people who left us quickly.

In 2000, Plenty of wrestlers have died many ways which is painful to us but what can we say, when death comes around we can not tell the death to go away.

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List of 10 Terrible Deaths Of WWE Superstar who died since 2000

1. John Tenta was a Canadian professional wrestler and sumōtori best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation as Earthquake and died in June 7, 2006

2. Mike Awesome was a WWE Professional wrestler was also an American professional wrestler who died in February 17, 2007
3. Davey Boy Smith was a WWE British professional wrestler. who was born in a place call Wigan and Davey Boy Smith was best known for his appearance in US (United State) with the word best Wrestling.
Davey Boy Smith Died in May 18, 2002

4. Luna Vachon name was Gertrude Elizabeth well known as Luna” Vachon was an American professional wrestler and she died on August 27, 2010.

5. Sean O’Haire: Sean Christopher Haire was an American professional wrestler and his well known by Sean O’Haire as a ring name. Sean O’Haire died on September 8, 2014

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