Top 10 Software Download Sites & Computer Software Programs

We have listed the top 10 software download sites that is giving out free software and Antivirus bellow.

Top 10 Software Download Sites

Millions of people are looking for a way to download software without paying money online. However, since we find out that millions of people are looking for the top 10 software download sites that renders free Software’s.

On the internet we will find millions of site which offers the best Softwares but not all are free but few. However i will name the best site the user can download Software, Antivirus an others.

Top 10 Software Download Sites That Offers Free Shareware & Antiverus.

We look at those site that helping people to save their money by offering free software. Bellow are top 10 different website who renders free software download both with computer software programs or pc software.

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Is a website which provide free software and Antivirus. Filehippo helps the users to Save their money by given out free downloading.


Is anther website that enable the users to Download software free from the internet.

  1. ZDnet Download:

ZDnet Is one of the largest library of software download website. Its make people to get free access to download software. Using Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems to download from ZDnets software directory remain number one technical software.

4. Softpedia:

Softpedia is the most largest free software download website which is a Romanian website that provides information and create downloads for software.

Softpedia indexes major technology, entertainment and others. The website also provide date of their latest updates, its based software categories and modeled after filesystem paths, such paths are Mobile Phone >  Tools > Nokia.


Millions of people spending their time on FreewareFiles as the website that offers the users freeare software. FreewareFiles have over 15800 freeware programs available for users to download from their website. On the site you can find the categories to choose the software you want to download.

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Is the newest downloading website that enable the users to download software free from the website. FileCluster was created in 2006 and its has provided visitors with amount of software update and shareware programs. It offers free template, WordPress Themes and information software companies around the glob.


If you never come across with a site like SnapFiles. Its means you have not search on internet very well. SnapFiles is one of the best and fastest downloading website that enable the users to download software free from the website. was established in 1997 since then it has been the best software collections. previously known as WebAttact Sound before changing their domain name to but you can also access from



MajorGeeeks helps the users by offering tools to the beginners. Before MajorGeek was popular know as TweakFiles in 1997 before changing their name to MajorGeeks. TweakFiles is still working but it will direct you to MajorGeeks. The site provide where users can download quality softwares.
To download software form MajorGeeks, its work on Mac, Android, Desktop and others.


Soft32 is a software free download site and its  enable the users to download easier from their site. Soft32 was established in 2003 and since then it has been the most updated software directory always. Soft32 covers both freeware, shareware and software for Windows, Mac and Linux along with Mobile/PDA and has a special iPhone apps.


Softonic is Europeans leading free download software site More then 105,000 Shareware, Trail version softwarre and freeware available for users. Softonic reviews written in English, French, Italian, Portuguese,Spanish and German.
Softonic offers latest software for all users on all platform.


We have listed the best and the fastest top 10 software download sites. We know know that every body have his or her own test but the site listed on this article. I’m sure it will help you find the best download site suitable to your interests. If you have any question or need more download software site for computer software programs and more then you can let us know in the comment section. We love you all.

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