The Top 10 cleanest cities in the world

Top 10 cleanest cities in the world – Which Are The World’s Cleanest Cities?
Before going to a city you must like to be in a beautiful play which is our dreams. No one will like to make they home city dirty. I can remember when i first when to a city which the environment which i really like not only like the city but i find out that i’m in love with the city.

No one want to stay in a bad county so what you need to do is that you must search for cleanest cities in asia before you can locate the cleanest countries world. But what i want you to know about, not just the cleanest cities in the world forbes or the dirtiest cities in the world but also try to find out about the safest cities in the world before going over there. because you can find the cleanest city in the world but not safest in the world, what you will see then you take it. but that not your potion.

Now i will show you the Best Cleanest Cities on the picture both with the top 10 cleanest cities in the world 2014 and the cleanest cities in the world 2015.

Top 10 cleanest cities in the world

Top 10 cleanest cities where you can live
1. Calgary, Canada

Calgy,s is one if the cleanest city in the world, Canada, which every body likely to visit and Canada has the world largest number of population.

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2. Kobe, Japan

Kobe, Japan is one of the best city and cleanest city with a large number of people

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden is the largest country and is one of the top ten Cleanest city. Stockholm, Sweden is always clean with a lot of animations.
4. Zürich, Switzerland

Yet Zürich, Switzerland is another top cleanest country with beautiful structures (Buildings). Zürich, Switzerland is very safe when you want the safest plays to stay.

5. Minneapolis, USA

Yes every body are dreaming to be in USA. USA remain number one cleanest and most population country. If you are looking for the safest country i will tell you that USA is the number one safest city. Minneapolis, USA
also have the cleanest animals world.
6. Freiburg, Germany

7. Singapore

Singapore remain the second cleanest county in the world. what you need to find out about Singapore.  Singapore airlines, is singapore a country, singapore facts
If you in singapore you can get a better singapore jobs.singapore news andsingapore math. Also do a research about singapore history before moving over there. Get singapore visa also.

8. Wellington, New Zealand

9. Adelaide, Australia

10. Helsinki, Finland

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