Time To Get Viber Download For PC | Install Viber APP

Get Viber Download For PC

Learn how to download viber for PC and Install Viber App after downloading.

However, You can use Viber for calling, text send and receiving Photos and Videos from your friends using Viber.

About Viber :

Viber work for Andriod Phones, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and PC and it’s enable you to send free message and receive message from your friends and family. Not just sending message but you can also make free calls to other vibers users.

How To Get Viber Download For Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia & PC

However i like to explain how to download Viber for Smartphones and PC, All you need to do is to visit viber website but i will also show you how to use your Play Store to install Viber app.

Viber Download Samsung & Android Devices:

Viber for android: Most people are using Android phone yet they don’t know how to download apps.

However a lot of people believes, collecting apps from friends is the best. Simple because he or she can not download & install the app on their phones. After reading this article you will be able to download and install any apps to android phones.

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To download Viber for Android phones, go to App Menu from your phone menu on the screen. Click on the Store (Google Play Store) once the play store open then Search for Viber App if you can’t see on the page.

If you can’t found it when searching then click on the categories (Social) on the play store and scroll then one after the other. Note, when you click on the Categories try to locate where “Social” icon is. Once you click on the social alot of Social apps will come out, then Scroll it down you will see Viber app.

Click on the Viber app which appear on the Play store screen.

Click the Install button to download Viber.

Once you click to install, Viber will be downloading to your phone then after downloading you will have to lunch the app on Android phone.

However, After finish installing Viber app, Start to Register Viber on Android phone to communicate with family and friends.

Download Viber for BlackBerry:

Yes its look brilliance that all Blackberry Users can be able to download apps on their Blackberry. But i still have to put the new users through. Go to Blackberry App manager, search for Viber. Once the app appear click the app to install.

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Once you finish installing the app on your Blackberry, you will have to register Viber with your phone number to be able to send text, videos, photos and Document to your friends and family.

Download Viber for iphone:

iPhone is another strong phone to use while many people look frustrated when it come to download of app and installation as well. But here i will show you the simple steps to download Viber app.

On the iPhone go to the Apple store or Apple App Manager. On the Apple manager you will see categories, Click on the social and search for Viber app. Once the app appear click to install. Note one you click on the Install, Viber app will be downloading. When you finish downloading the app, You will have to lunch the app to create a shortcut on your iPhone. Register Viber to be able to communicate with friends.

How To Use Viber On Nokia Phones

Using Nokia phone to download Viber, depends on the type of nokia phone u are using. Most of Nokia phone are using low version which will be enable to app to function well. While using low version of Nokia phone can resolve to Error to use the apps.

So if you are using Nokia E71 Symbian Phones produced by Nokia then you will be able to download App. Go to Nokia App manager and search for Viber. Once the app appear then click to download. Wait for a minute while the app is downloading. After the app finished downloading then click to install the app on your Nokia phone. After installing the viber app, Lunch the app to Register your account on viber.

How to Get Viber Download for PC

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Download Viber for PC: Viber work for PC (Desktop) and it will enable you to send free message and receive message from your friends and family. Not just sending message but you can also make free calls to other vibers users. The most confuse thing people ask. How can i use Viber to call my friends in US, India, Canada and other countries?
However, using viber, you can call any body in different countries using another device and network.

Many people doesn’t know that you can use Viber on PC. I will not go further so that our reader will not look confuse.

To download Viber for PC you will have to visit viber website.

Go to www.viber.com

Click on Get Viber to download it on your PC. While clicking on the link, Viber will be downloading to your file. After downloading click on the progress of ongoing download or press Ctrl+J to install the setup.

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