Download Google spam call detection App | How To Block Caller ID & spam protection

Get Google Spam call detection App Installed and Learn How To Block  Caller ID & spam protection. If you see unknown calls and you think is a spam but there is no way you can avoid the calls.

There is a solution to it. You can block this awkward sales calls  that you don’t recognize which might take you to sales marketing calls.
I can remember a lot of report concerning the same spam calls. In 2013 Android Phone app received a lot of update when add caller ID app for incoming calls business. It was part of the Android KitKat which was lunch in 2013.

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If you own Nexus phone and Android One devices you can  now block unknown callers (spam). Google add lot of useful for spam recognition through the feature is now limited for Android and Nexus devices.

Download Truecallers app

We are hint the users to download the Truecallers app for your devices to avoid been hack into your account. Google said that the new feature will enable its users to block and report spam numbers. Now the company will use data from users to recognize sources.


The Android caller app doesn’t have the same community as trucaller.

Download Spam call detection App | How To Block  Caller ID & spam protection

So the Apple beta for iOS users will not be able to block and report Spam callers.  The new upcoming iOS 10 release will also help to identify spam callers which the software is already available.

How To Download Truecallers app for Android Devices

Go to google play store and download Truecallers app (Spam call detection App) on your android phone.

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  1. Go to  Play Store App on the Phone.
  2. Tap the Play Store.
  3. Search for Truecallers app on the play store.
  4. Tap the Install link.
  5. Wait while the app is downloading.
  6. Tap to lunch the app.

How To Turn caller ID & spam protection off ( How To Block  Caller ID & spam protection)

We find out that most of the readers need some thing that will help them to get something better. So we decided to write about how to turn your caller ID and Spam protect off which wwill help you.
You mobile phone has Spam protection and Block Caller IDso all you need to do is to do is to turn it off but i will show you how to do that.

  1. Solution: Open your phone app
  2. Tap more options to turn it off.
  3. Go to the Caller ID and Spam protection
  4. On the App settings you will see turn off icon then click it to turn it off. NOTE: you can also turn the
  5. Caller ID & Spam protection back. by tap on or Off.

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What you need to know about Caller ID & Spam protection
Its doesn’t control if your number is shown when you make a calls so all you need to do is to tur you number off.

How To Mark calls as spam

It might be difficult for you to mark calls as Spam but there is nothing to difficult here.

  1. Open your phone app
  2. Go back to your recent calls history
  3. Tap the call you want to report as spam.
  4. On the settings tap block/report spam. You will be request if you want to block the number
  5. If there is an options, tap report call as spam
  6. Then tap the block button

Learn more here Block caller ID. Spam

If you have any question then you can ask us by using the comment option.

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