The Secret Behind Facebook WebCam | Facebook Video Call

Most time i wonder, if there was nothing like Facebook video call, How can we communicate with our friends seeing their faces..

Today Facebook make it easy for everybody to use “Facebook video calls”. I remember when there was a webcam before video calls came out and now people don’t really use webcam anymore.

– The True Secret Behind Facebook WebCam | Facebook Video Call

Facebook Developers and other social network developers find out ways to help this 21 centuries.

It’s took over a year to discover  ways to use internet to make free calls. Before Facebook came out with an idea of fastest video call that can not hang off, was also took nothing less than years.

– What do you learn from Facebook Messenger’s free video calling?


Facebook Video Calling helps a lot, in the sense that people don’t use much time in making webcam call. Which it saves their money from buying airtime.

Over millions of people were using webcam back in 2005 before the social network developer discover using social network to make video calls.

Most of the social network such like WhatsApp is using Audio calls and very soon there will be a way out to use video calls.

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– Reason Why Facebook Video Call Is Not Responding:

At times you might turn out to ask yourself this question when you look a bit frustrating over internet video call.

1. how can i video call on Facebook ?

2. how can i do video call on Facebook ?

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At time people things is difficult to make video calls on Facebook. Here i will state the reason why you can not make video calls over internet.

  1.     Poor internet can also cost it too; it’s will need a high network signal.
  2.     If you did not download and install the Face book Setup, this means you will not be able to make video calls.
  3. If your Facebook video call is active and the person you want to call is using mobile to chat with you, this can cost you “timeout” or not found. So the person must install Facebook video call apps on his or her phone, or laptop.

– How To Download Facebook Video Call

If you are using Android phone or iPhone, Go to google play store to download the apps and if you are using iPhone then you can go to apple apps to download Facebook video calls apps.

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Search for Facebook Video Calls Apps once you found it click on the app and tap the install link to download the apps. After the Apps might have finish downloading, Open the Facebook Video call apps, Once the apps open this mean it will install on your phone and will also create a shortcut on your home page.

Login in with your Facebook account. It will be better if you have Facebook App already on your phone because if you don’t have Facebook app before, It’s might require you to download Facebook app before using the Video calls app.

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