SA’s Got Talent 2017 Registration Update

SA’s Got Talent 2017 Registration Update

Many people want to know when the South Africans Got Talent 2017 for next season. However The 2017 SA’S Got Talent is not yet out. You you might come across such information that says SA’s Got talent is out.

Vile Vase Information on SA’s Got Talent 2017 Registration Update

We are officially updating you on Talent information such as Registration, Venues, Audition and more.

The only SA’s got talent audition was taken place on

SA’s Got Talent 2016 Complete

However, We are delight to announce to the public that the  2016 SA’s got talent is not longer on again. The application was close last month ago. SA’s Got Talent is no more taking applications any more.

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Note: If you miss out for this year, you can get a head start and prepaid for the next year 2017 audition. Yes you miss the audition there is nothing we can do to extend the game. All you need to do is to wait till next year.

Not to Miss Out Next Year Audition

Any body who want to apply for 2017 SA’s Audition is to be alert all day by checking our website for more update in other to avoid missing out of Audition date for next year.

How Can I Get Notified on SA’s Result?

All the contestants who make it through to the next stage will receive an SMS from his or her phone number or Email. Once you see a notification message this means you have qualified to participate on SA’s Got Talent. All you need to do is to be ready any time.

If you did not receive any message or heard from us by 7th of June 2016 its means you have not make it through.
To watch SA’s Got Talent Show on, Turn to your Television every Sunday from 4th of September 2016 at 18H05.
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  1. But I thought that you apply the same year you want to act or perform

  2. Botlhale sekgoro says:

    My talent is tht I can read people mind lke all

    1. Samuel Amo Gyimah says:

      Yes, he can do that and I urge him to go ahead and exhibit it that talent.

  3. Ja I also agree wit palesa. If u don’t let me come audition than u would b making a huge mistake coz I’m that rapper that SA has been lookin for

  4. Trinity carstens says:

    Hello my name is trinity i am 13 years old and I am entry SA got talent as my goal

    1. My name is Solani n am vry to mak a change for once in My life… SA got talent is were i see my self… All i need is one lif time performance…Trinity i wll meet u there

      1. When are the auditions??

  5. says:

    Hellow good people when the auditions stars

    1. says:

      I mean when does the auditions starts

  6. says:

    I can’t wait to see my self performing at the stage as a singer

  7. Miguel Emmanuel Desebrook says:

    How do uuu Register for the 2017 auditions ? This site hasn’t been updated yet

  8. Hi I am Kgopotso Mangena how can I register for S A got talent

  9. Hi my name is Akhona and I am ready for SA’s got talent for 2017 because it is my time to shine. All these years I have been scared and held my life back but this I am making the move.

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