P-Square’s split : P-Square Are Not Together Again

P-Square Are Not Together Again – At times being single is better when you are twin, see what happened today between peter and Paul of all people splitting out just because of women.

There is no secret that Africa’s most popular duo, Peter and Paul Okoye popular known as P-Square have gone their separate ways. At the moment the most pressing thought in the minds of fans and music lovers is who among the two talented brothers will rock the Nigeria entertainment industry better. psquare Yesterday being March 18, 2016 , Peter Okoye announced his new management team and equally released his solo single ‘Look into my eyes‘ under the new stage name ‘Mr P‘. Similarly, Paul Okoye, the other half of the group, released his own debut titled, “ Call heaven”. In his song, Paul who now preferred to be called ‘Rudeboy’ lamented the death of their parents and how it has affected the unity of ‘P-Square’. Listen to their songs and share your view with us… Peter Okoye(Mr P),

P-Square Are Not Together Again

What we believe, one day Peter Okoye will settle with Paul because blood is ticker than water as our fathers use to say in those days.


Why P-Square Are Not Together Again ?. P-Square’s split: Whose new single is better Peter or Paul?
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If there is anybody that is not happy with the situation of things between the singing duo Psquare and their elder brother Jude Okoye aside their numerous fans is Cynthia Morgan. There are speculations that she is one of the major reasons the group are splitting.
Hey big bro’s good morning. I know the issue going on id mom of my business and am way younger so i don’t know if my opinion matters. Well if it doesn’t matter as young girl who is just a fan that want her mentors back in line… then they i am (Cynthia Morgan) and i want my mentors back in line by fire by force (LOL) I just want to say please i beg you guys in the name of God i am one of the people you are ruining their childhood memories if P-Square should really split up… growing up i spent countless hours night trying to mime your songs and perfect your moves PSquare has inspired me and so many OTHER PEOPLE IN SO MANY WAYS…. Psquare is the reason i take my craft serious, i compete with you guys successful even in my sleep…. i read some where recently that you guys started collecting a million per show over a decade ago and now you guys are on some uncountable millions P…that’s one hell of achievement and people still pay it till now. why? because you guys are legendary and untouchable. My fantasy on killing stadium shows across the continent isn’t perfect and colorful without you guys in it. I dream it and now it’s reality cause you guys did it first. I remember when i got my first 1million for a show. a year and half back and now it’s triple that amount why? cause all i had in my head was your i have to work harder and be like Psquare and more so you guys can be proud of me. any time i challenge myself. i always say (can’t you see Psquare)if you guys don’t for it first i might not have had an idea or someone to look up for such greatness. There is no story about the African music industry without the name (B) mentioned. I might not be the most friendly person around you guys but trust me “I love you guys” AND I WANT THE PAQUARE SAGA TOP STORY. We are waiting on a new album, new killer videos. Please guys let the big two (peter and Paul) be aware they need to get back in the studio. We are not begging anymore we are giving an ultimatum cause hey you guys are ruining people’s life and giving people a failing option…and even sef you guys want to ruin my life the more. CYNTHIA MORGAN with no Psquare collaboration? Who does that? “Chanting” we no go gree o, we no go gree (cringe) All Psquare peaches is impossible success are about to change it now?
F****k no.

P-Square’s split : Whose new single is better Peter or Paul?
It’s no secret that Africa’s most popular duo, P-Square, Peter and PaulVanguard News: Okoye have gone their separate ways. At the moment the most pressing thought in the minds of fans and music lovers.Read More..

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