Download WhatsApp Messenger old versions Update Now from

This article will show you how you can get old update and download whatsapp messenger old versions update from and how to transfer whatsapp from a friend.

If you are not okay with your whatsapp old version latest update download then you can update your App to new Whatsapp version.
Now if you think the new whatsapp update is not good for your phone then you can re-update to whatsapp old version latest update download.
This can be done when you delete your Whatsapp app from your phone and Download Old whatsapp version.
The easy way is to transfer the Whatsapp Old version from your friends.
Some people thing Old Whatsapp version is the best.

We discover that more than 1 Billion people are using Whatsapp messenger in over 180 different countries and the stay in touch with friends and family.
Out of this 1 Billion people about thousands of people are still using Old whatsapp version.

Why Whatsapp New Version Update will be helpful to you.

However, everybody have his or her own choice to make when it comes to online update. Like me i love to use New version because it’s comes with new features and more. But old version might not enable you to get this new feature. Therefore is up to you to choose between to download old Whatsapp update and new Whatsapp version.

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With Whatsapp new version you will be able to make free video calls and make live videos. The Whatsapp New update will enable you to control who can see your status update. If you really want to control your friends from seeing your status then tap the eye icon at the button of the status update.

People Really Hate Whatsapp’s new update and Love Whatsapp Old Version.

It’s seem as if people hate using Whatsapp new update on their phones.
Because Whatsapp has remove the old status update meany people are not okay with it. Reason is that Whatsapp users and only see their username and the mobile phone number to those who are still using whatsapp old version.

How do I go back to the old Whatsapp version?

People are all fade up with Whatsapp new version and this lead them to go back to their Whatsapp old version.

Old Update: Download WhatsApp Messenger old versions Update Now from

However, you will be able to learn how to go back to your Whatsapp old version here. All you need to do is to follow the step bellow.

  1. Uninstall your Whatsapp new version
  2. Go to your browser and type in Whatsapp Old version and search it on Google.
  3. Click the online App from the google page and download Whatsapp old version.
  4. You can also collect or Transfer Whatsapp old update from your friend
  5. Using Xender or Flash Share to receive this Old version of Whatsapp
  6. This will help you to get back to your Whatsapp old version.
  7. Now install the Whatsapp app to your Phone

However, anytime you wish to go back to Whatsapp New version all you need to do is to Uninstall Whatsapp old version. And go to your Play Store and install Whatsapp new version again.

For more information you can visit to get more update and features.

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