MTN Project Fame Audition 2016 Date – Apply Here

MTN Project Fame Audition 2016 Date
This is to inform the general public that the MTN Project Fame West Africa Application Form
for 2016 to 2017 is now open for those who want to participate on the ongoing MTN Project Fame West Africa Application Form. The Audition date will be announce once you complete the MTN Project Fame West Africa Application Form online.

MTN Project Fame Audition 2016 Date

If you dont know how to Fill the Form i will show you how to Complete the form.
If you want to become the Next MTN Project Fame Talent show you must make sure you are ready to win the heart of Fans and make sure the Judges always by your side. Do you have what is take to win this Mtn project fame Amazing Price 2016, Don’t stay back thinking you can become a star when you dont want to take a step or discover your talent? That why MTN Project Fame is Right here for you.
What you dont know about MTN.

MTN are right here to help you and discover what is in you (Talent). To enter the Audition ground is free the form also is free so why cant you start from here.
If your talented enough and you are interested in Music you are invited to the MTN Project Fame Audition 2016 Session 9. The MTN Project Fame audition 2016 aimed to raise up upcoming Stars people who dont have any money to bring them self up.
So dont stay at home and dream of your talent so come and become who you are only on Mtn project Fame Audition can help you do that.


MTN project fame is a music star hunt organized by one of the Largest Telecommunication Industry MTN in African. The project fame is basically made to discover individuals talented and helping the upcoming Stars to achieve the celebrity status.

MTN Project Fame 2016 Audition Requirement

1. 8-Digit PIN which is received from 35850 (MTN Only).
2. Copy of Photo ID/Int’l or ECOWAS Passport (To get PIN send name & location to 35850-MTN).
3. Applicants must be 18 years and above and make sure you verify your age if not the application will result being declined immediately
4. If you have released or recorded song before or album is not eligible to apply for the MTN Project Fame 2016. Is only for Amateurs only that eligible.
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Personal Details: The following are the personal details needed for the MTN project fame application.

 SurnameFirst Name – Last Name
Date Of Birth DD MM YYYY Age (minimum age of eligibility is 18 Years)
 Gender: Male/Female
 National ID Number OR/Passport Country of Issue

(Enter at least National ID No. or Passport No. Alternatively, you can enter both!)

 P.O. Box Postal Code AND/OR Street Address
 Telephone number Mobile number
 Email address
 Spoken (tick in box) English French Other (please specify) Permanent Residence
 Have you ever been convicted for any offence, other than a traffic offence? Yes/No (If yes please specify details if yes or no)

 Musical Background
 Instruments played: (tick in box) Piano Guitar Drums Flute Other (please specify)
 Vocal Talent (Yes/No)
 Song Writing (Music Composition) Yes/No

Question: Why do you want to participate in MTN Project Fame? (Maximum 50 words)
How Much is MTN Project Fame Form

Applicants must be 18 years of age – open ended. Failure to verify age will result in the application being declined.
Amateurs only eligible. Anyone who has recorded and released either a song and/or album is not eligible to apply.

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I warrant that the information given in this application form is complete and accurate and I authorize you to make any inquiries necessary in connection with this application. I have read and accept and agree to be bound by MTN Project Fame West Africa Conditions of Entry. I understand that MTN Project Fame West Africa reserves the right to decline this application without giving reasons.

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