Latest INFINIX 2016 NOTE 2 LTE Specification and Price in

Latest INFINIX 2016 NOTE 2 – latest infinix 2016 Phone is a newest phone which taking all over the world. Infinix is the best phone among other phones companies.
Infinix NOTE 2 is the latest inclusion to the Infinix family. The Infinix smartphone is an entry-level smartphone and  upgrade of Hot 2.

Infinix NOTE 2 has dual engine to charge in a flash. Also, NOTE 2 combines next-gen charging technology with ATL
heavy duty batteries. Come to join the faster and more reliable charging experience. Under room temperature conditions (25℃),
15 min charges 1000mAh for up to 8 hr of talk time; 60 min charges up to 97% and 90 min is a full charge.

The PlayHot smartphone is designed to make using of smartphone and taking pics fun with features such as guess recognition, voice recognition of words such as ‘capture’ and ‘cheese’.

Charge your Infinix Phone Battery up to 100% it will take you to 2 day Battery Life
You dint need to crying of where to charge you phone or how to keep your phone battery to last for 24Hrs. If you use 2016 Infinix Note 2 your battery will last long.

Latest INFINIX 2016 NOTE 2

The INFINIX NOTE 2 comes with large battery capacity (4040mAh) for extended usage time.
an OTG data line, NOTE 2 can instantly become a power source for other devices. Conveniently, it can also serve as a hard drive data reader.
*Battery capacity: Lithium-ion polymer battery with standard capacity of 4040mAh and rated capacity of 3020mAh.

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INFINIX: Other features of the camera include:

  • Smile recognition (smart recognition for smiles)
  • Gesture recognition (fun selfies)
  • Voice recognition (smart recognition for the phrase “capture” or “ cheese”)
  • Timed photos(great for selfies)
  • Touch capture (touch screen for instant focus and capture)
  • Focus Tracking(essential tool for spontaneous capture).

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