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Latest Firefox Update – If your mozilla firefox update is too old then you can now download Firefox latest version but it might look a kind of difficult to know the new Firefox Mozilla update version but in here i will show you how to locate the New mozila firefox update on is updated.

You can leave you mozila Firefox update version active on you Laptop, Android phones, Windows and Desktop which will automatically updated once the new Update Mozila Firefox comes out. Now let move to the Lesson part of the article.

How to download the latest version of Firefox

All you need to do is to visit the Firefox latest website to Download the Firefox latest version. Right here is the web site where you can download  Firefox latest but in this article is will show you how to locate where is the Latest Mozilla Firefox in your computer.

It’s not difficult to locate the Mozilla firefox from your old Mozila firefox browser (Mozilla Firefox browser) version. Now to Update your from your computer here how you can do it.

Latest Firefox Update

Go to your Tools and locate options button on your Mozilla firefox icon

When you click on the Option icon from your Mozilla tools then find where you can see Advanced icon then click on the advanced button then what you will see up there is ( General, Data Choices, Network, Update and Certificates) what are we looking for in here? We are looking for Mozilla Firefox Update then you will find Update at Network click on it to update you Mozilla Note this can only be updated when there is a new Mozilla Update.

So now we have to click on the Update icon.
If you leave the Firefox Updates Automatically then, this is what you will see in there: Automatically install updates (recommended: improved security) Latest Firefox Update
Now it will will warn you if you will be disable  it. (Warn me if this will disable any of my add-on) then tick it right if you want to leave it on then its up to you.

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Let move to the next step still on the Mozilla Update: Check for the latest Update, but this is what you need to know when checking the new update on Firefox: Let me choose whether to install them but if you dont want it you can click never check for updates (Not Recommended: Security risk)

Check the Update History if you wan to. The latest Mozilla Firefox update version is 45.0.1 (20160315153207) this is for all the PC this update is for March 2016.
If you didn’t leave has Automatically Install then you can now install the latest Updates.

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