How To Install Flirchi Version 8.5.1 Android APK & Flirchi Version 4.6.1 APK

Learn how to download and install Flirchi version 8.5.1 android APK & Flirchi version 4.6.1 APK.
The last Flirchi Version 4.6.1 APK Updated was on 04 may 2016. But today Flirchi official released the new version which is much better than Flirchi Version 4.6.1 APK. So we are advising you to download flirchi version 8.5.1 so that you will be able to enjoy the fastness of Flirchi app.

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A lot of Flirchi user are not aware of this new version 8.5.0. If you are using the old Flirchi version then you can now upgrade to the latest Flirchi Version 8.5.1 Android APK.

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If you are using low version then you can download Flirchi 8.5 from the web.

How To Install Flirchi Version 8.5.1 Android APK & Flirchi Version 4.6.1 APK

Flirchi 8.5 added some features and is faster. If you are still using the old version you can update it. Or delete the old Flirchi app on your phone and download the new version. By doing that you will need to go to your play store to update it.

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  1. Open your play store and click on Flirchi App.
  2. On the Flirchi App you will see where to update then click the update.
  3. Wait for a minute while the App is updating to version 8.5.
  4. After the Update, you will be able to lunch back your Flirchi app.

How To Download & Install Flirchi Version 8.5.1 Android APK

If you are tired of using the old version then you can also delete it and download new version.
This is where a lot of people do have problem, If you are trying to update to the new version.

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And it shows no connection, all you need to do is to delete the app from your phone. Go to Flirchi official website if you can not download Flirchi app from your play store. On the Flirchi website you will see a link to download Flirchi on android phone then click it. Wait for a minute while is downloading Flirchi. Then you can now install Flirchi on your mobile devices.

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If you have any question to ask then you are free to use the comment section.

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