You’ll never be able to pretend you missed a WhatsApp message again

I will like to talk’s on Learn how to mute WhatsApp message on Apple iPhone S6, iPhone 7 Plus before going to the main point.

Whatsapp is a popular chatting (Messaging) app that you can share your problem with your close friend online.
The good thing about WhatsApp is that now you can tag a number who register on whatapp to see what is going on.

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That why Whatsapp added the ability to tag other users for them to receive notification even from you if they mute the group conversation. There are some people who don’t like disturbance concerning online chatting. So what they do is to mute their whatsapp notification and prevent whatsapp pop up notification as well.
However, Whatsapp have to bring out this idea of tagging individual users to receive notification even from you.

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WhatsApp Notification

For those who use Whatsapp App for moving his or her business conversation. This features could prove to be useful for keeping things better. It’s helpful in messages of relative urgency  with the knowledge that the notification will be deliver successful to other users.

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However, In the other way round, For those who are part of, difficult to deal with conversation. However, never see a notification for, incredibly difficult to avoid someone group conversation determined to attract your attention. Therefore, If you find some difficulties, you can let us know.

How To Mute WhatsApp Message on Apple iPhone S6, iPhone 7 Plus.

  1. Go to the Whatsapp app
  2. Tap on the app to open
  3. Go to Settings
  4. From settings to Notifications
  5. Then tick on the notification tones to silent your play sound for incoming and outgoing messages.
  6. Scroll to the, message notification + Notification tone then click to silent it.
  7. Move to Vibrate, Keep it off
  8. Then Off your Popup notification (No popup)
  9. Light – None
  10. Silent call notification also.
  11. The contact ringtone will no longer be available except you set your custom notification by clicking the name at the top of a chat.
  12. Keep the last Vibrate tone off.

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