How to Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 On Android & iPhone

On this Article you will be able to know How to Convert YouTube Video using clip converter. Ways to Convert YouTube Video to Audio (MP3) MP3.

However you might download YouTube but you don’t want to watch the video and you think there is a way to convert it to MP3, there is a way you can do convert YouTube Video to MP3.

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A lot of people are using YouTube to watch videos and when their want to download the particular video but they found no link to download.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 On Android & iPhone

Copy the YouTube URL and past it on the YouTube Clip converter website. Go back to YouTube video and copy the Video URL to Download on the clip converter site.

Allow the page to load first before you can download it. After the page might have finish loading the video URL choose the MP4,3GP, AVI or MOV. Note you must select one of the converting option.

After shown the video, a detected media will appears then you have to choose the qaulity of the video to get the high definition with its size.

NOTE: If you want to download the video you don’t have to click on the “Download” then click on the “Start!” button to accept the teems of use and continue processing.

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.Waiting for conversion ticket…
.Recording media…
The video will appear, after shown the file (video) info click on Download link.
If you want to convert another video after downloading then click on the convert another video link.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio (MP3)

Still the same procedure; Go to Clip Converter website past the Video URL on the converting link.

Choose the MP3 to convert the video to MP3 and click on the continue link.

You will have to choose the detected media. Choose your High definition with its size.
After choosing the definition and size then click on the Start link.
Wait for a second while it converting.
After converting click on the download link then save the MP3 to your iPhone or Android phone.


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