Install YouTube 2.3.6 Version APK – Watch Best of YouTube Videos Online

Learn how to download YouTube 2.3.6 version on your Android phone. If you are still using the YouTube Apk old version, this means that your YouTube speed will be slow. So to have better features and high speed, you will need to install the YouTube 2.3.6 version to your phone.

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YouTube is one of the popular online video sharing that make you watch movies online. With YouTube App, it will be easy to watch videos from YouTube App than watching videos from the web.

How to Download YouTube 2.3.6 Version For Android APK

We care about you mobile phone so that is why we are updating you with the latest 2.3.6 version YouTube download. If you are still using YouTube old version then you can now update to the YouTube 2.3.6 version.

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  1. On your Android phone, Open your App Menu
  2. Open your Google Play Store (Play Store App)
  3. Look for YouTube app
  4. You can also search for YouTube app on the play store
  5. Once the App (YouTube) appear then click on the app to update
  6. You will see update on the top of the app then
  7. Click the update to install YouTube 2.3.6 version
  8. After the download YouTube 2.3.6 version finish
  9. Click done or you can open the app.

How to Download YouTube 2.3.6 Version For iPhone

If you are using iPhone what you need to do is to open the Apple play store on you phone. If you don’t have Apple app store then you have to download the app now.

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To download Apple app visit this link and click the download button. After downloading it, then try to lunch the Apple app store on your iPhone. Please make sure you are using your iPhone web browser to download the app.

Download YouTube 2.3.6 Version For iPhone

  1. Go to your Apple app store
  2. Locate the YouTube app
  3. If you can not find the YouTube app, then you can search for the App (YouTube)
  4. When the YouTube appear on the play store then click the update button to download it.
  5. NOTE: While the app is downloading, once is done the app will install directly on your iPhone.
  6. Click Done or Open.
  7. You will see some changes on YouTube App Features and the fastness of the app too.
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