How To Download Yahoo Mail App to Check Yahoo Email Box

When you use yahoo mail app you feel much better and forget about Yahoo mail webpage.
We discover alot of people still find it difficult to download yahoo mail app to their mobile phone.
So you are free to learn how to download yahoo mail application from this article.

Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo mail is the best email app that can easily organize all you email account such like Gmail, AOL, Outlook (HOTMAIL) and Yahoo account.
The yahoo mail app is well sesign with eay to use the interface with fast speed.
Yahoo offer 1000 GB of free secure cloud storage.

If you have an account before then you can login by using this app.
To sign up or Create new yahoo mail account, will be more easier and faster than Yahoo mail website (

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Incase you don’t know about the app, yahoo mail app is not only working on Google Play Store alone but working on the follwing device;
Googel Play Store
Apple Store
iTunes Store
Windows Stores
Blackberry store and
Nokia Application Stores

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So you have what’s it takes to download Yahoo mail app to your phone depends on the model of the phone you are using.
If you don’t feel like using yahoo app or you are with your PC then you can visit Yahoo mail webpage from your browser.

How To Download Yahoo Mail App

  1. Open your (APP MENU) Google Play Store
  2. Go to the Play store categories Communication and search for Yahoo mail app or
  3. Make use of your Play Store search bar and type in the Yahoo Mail App
  4. Click the Install button and wait while the app is downloading.
  5. Go back and launch it to your mobile phone and sign in to your account or Sign up.

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