Download The Best Video Media Player VLC, Then Install VLC App on iPhone & Other Devices

We have a good knows for those who love music that you can Download VLC media player & Install VLC App. So i will like to tell you what VLC player is all about and how to download VLC App. VideoLAND (VLC) is one of the best open source cross platform multimedia player that enable you to play videos free. Framework that play most multimedia files such as DVDs, VCDs, Audio and Others formats.

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VLC can work on your Android phone, iPhone (iOS), Windows, Blackberry and other devices. You dont need to create VLC registration account before you can Download VLC Media player nor to Login VLC Media player as well. The open source cross-platform multimedia player is for every body to download. The people people do have is that, they don’t know VLC Portal and without this website you will not be able to download VLC.

VLC Media player

So that why we take time to explain to you how to locate and download VLC player.

VLC Media Player Portal

Here, people do think that is the website that will allow them to access VLC player.
If you type in to download media player sorry is an invilide domain name or website.
Here is the correct VLC website “” so take note of this.

How To Download VLC Media Player For PC, Desktop

Before you can download VLC media player on your PC or Desktop you will need to visit VLC media player portal to download it.

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vlc app
  1. Open your PC Browser and open a new tab
  2. Go to to access VLC Player portal
  3. Once the site open, you will see a downloading link with a yellow color
  4. Tab on the “DOWNLOAD VLC” drop down to select your devices.
  5. If you are using PC you can select Window or Others System and tap download.

How To Download VLC for iPhone – iOS

If you want to get it fast then you need to use Apple Store to download or Install VLC App this media player.

  1. Go to your Apple Store Menu
  2. Tap on the Store
  3. NOTE: if VLC can not appear on the App Store then you can make use of the search options.
  4. Once VLC App appear then tap on the “Get It” to download it.
  5. Wait for a second while the VLC is download
  6. After downloading then go back to your Apple store Menu and tap the VLC player.

How To

Download VLC Media Player App for Android Phones

However, before you can download the latest VLC Media Player, you will need to go to your App Store. Follow the step below.

  1. Go to your App Menu
  2. Tap on the Play Store
  3. Search for the VLC App or go to the categories under Video Player & Editors.
  4. Tap on the VLC M Play that will appear on the app.
  5. Click the “INSTALL” Install VLC App
  6. Wait for a minute while the app is downloading. After downloading then you can go back to your App Menu and tap on the VLC app.

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