How To Download TrueCaller & Setup TrueCaller + TrueCaller Settings

Learn how to download trueCaller,  Setup TrueCaller  and how you can get your TrueCaller Settings complete.

True caller is the best Caller to identify the person that call you and shows his or her real name when calling.

Truecaller is design to take care of your contact book not only your contact book but your dialer and help you to make calls on Truecaller App and All in one App.

Now using Truecaller as your smartphone app gives you 3 (three) good features which other apps cant gives you.

  1. Quick dialers
  2. Smart Call history
  3. And Availability to know if your contact is free to talk.

The good thing about Truecaller is that when unknown name appear on your incoming calls, Truecaller will show you the real name of the caller.

How To Make Truecaller Better

Take some minute and study Truecaller and help us improve. Your Opinion matters to us most. To make truecaller better tap on the Okay option. Note it will redirect you to your browser, all you need to do is to hold on and wait till the page open. Once the page open then click on “Start Survey” button and tap continue after reading every bit of truecaller text.

  1. If you will consider changing the difficult phone App on your Smartphone then tap “YES OR NO”
  2. Now if you are using true caller to make calls tap “YES OR NO”
  3. Then recommend Truecaller to your friends and colleague.

How truecaller can work on your Phone

  1. You need data connection before you can see who is calling you
  2. If you don’t register your number with your subscription this means your callers will not appear on the screen.
  3. It will appear after you might have finished your conversation with the very person.

How To Download TrueCaller & Setup TrueCaller + TrueCaller Settings:

However, If you don’t Play store on your Smartphone this means you will not be able to download TrueCaller App.

How to download truecaller,

Before you can download truecaller you will have to keep your data connection on. But if you are running out of data then you can transfer True Caller from your friend. But you will still need to subscription. So that you can be able to setup truecaller from the truecaller settings.

  1. Go to your play store or App store.
  2. Tap or search for Truecaller App from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  3. Once the App appear from the play store then tap to Install or Get it.
  4. Wait for some minute while TrueCaller is downloading.

After Download Truecaller then you will have to setup your TrueCaller.

TrueCaller Settings

  1. From your TrueCaller settings, Enter your First and Last name
  2. Choose your password
  3. Type in your Email address
  4. Enter your Mobile phone Number
  5. Wait for Truecaller to access your phone & contact
  6. TrueCaller will call your number to verify if you are not a robot
  7. Then you can be able to use your truecaller.

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