Download Opera Mini Version 14.0.0 & Opera Mini 7 APK Browser

Before you can Download Opera Mini Version 14.0.0 we are going to show steps to download and update your opera mini version. Opera Mini make it easier for their users to browse with android device and other devices.

I spend time to write this article so that you will not find it difficult to download the new version.

About Opera Mini

Mean while opera mini help the users to read and download all the information and can also download music and videos online as well.

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Opera Mini will still remain number one fastest web browser made for Android , iPhone, Nokia and iPad. Its saves data across the world. Opera Mini build in a new version that block ads called it “Ad Blocker”. Most time when you watch movies on YouTube from your Opera Mini browser, you will be seeing an ad displaying on your screen but today Opera block ads.

Latest Old and New Opera Mini Versions:

Here are the top Opera Mini version that you need to know about.

  1. Opera mini 3
  2. Opera mini 4.5
  3. Opera mini 5
  4. Opera mini 6
  5. Opera Mini 7
  6. Opera mini 8
  7. Opera mini 9
  8. Opera mini 10
  9. Opera mini 12 

Every month Opera Mini keep bringing new version with update for the users so that it will be easier for then to do what ever they want to do with the internet.

How To Download Opera Mini Version 14.0.0

If you are not using devices that comes with Managers or Apps that mean you have to go to your browser and download Opera Mini.

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  1. Go to Opera mini website
  2. On the Opera mini website you will an icon to download opera mini 7 or opera mini 14.0.0 or select the type of version you want to download.
  3. Click to download. Save the setup on your phone.
  4. Go to your phone downloading file and click on the opera mini to install.
  5. Test the file to find out if is working on your phone.
  6. Start browsing now.

How to Download Opera Mini Version 14.0.0 & Opera Mini 7 APK For Other Devices:

Opera Mini For Android

For Android Opera Mini is fast and it secure browsing on your phone. Opera For android enable the users to do more the web with smartphone or any android phones. It easy to use and it block ads and it compresses mobile data.

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Say yes for those who are using High devices to download Opera Mini. Its easier to download opera mini for your phone because with the Store. Google also help the users to download any browsers from Google Play Stores.

  1. Go to App store on your phone
  2. Open the Google play store (Play Store)
  3. Search for Opera Mini or go to the categories and scroll for Operamini.
  4. One the browser appear click on the particular version you want to download.
  5. Click on the Install icon
  6. wait for a minute while the app is downloading.
  7. After downloading click on the file to open and create a shortcut on your phone.
  8. After lunching the app open a new tap to browse.

How To Download Download Opera Mini Version 14.0.0 & Opera Mini 7 APK For PC

Remember that Opera Mini is one of the best browser for PC in-case you don’t know  before.

Open your browser and type in opera mini URL.

On the home page of Opera mini, you will see a downloading link.

Click on the link to save the Setup.

Once the setup comes out click save to save it.

After saving the setup go to your downloading manager (Download File) and click on the setup to install.

After you finish with the installation double click to open the opera mini browser.


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