Mozilla Firefox Lunch 48.0 New Version | Update to Version 48.0.0 Version For PC & Mobile Devices

It’s time for you to download Mozilla Firefox 48.0 version update on PC & Android Phone to enjoy the new features on Firefox Browser.

If you want to get the fastest browser then you will have to update your Mozilla Firefox to 48.0
Mozilla Firefox release the new update for all its users. So we are advising you to update your Firefox to version 48.0 for PC, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Android phones.

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On this article i will show you steps to Download Mozilla Firefox Version 48.0 Update on PC & Android Phone free.  Best way to download Mozilla Firefox 48.0 version update on PC & Android Phone free.
Mozilla Firefox version 48.0 update can be transfers via Bluetooth and Zender or flash share. If you don’t have enough MB or Connection then you can collect it from your friends.

How To Download Mozilla Firefox 48.0 Version Update on PC & Android Phone or How To Update Mozilla Firefox Version 48.0

This is a easy way to update your Firefox 48.0 version when you follow the instructions well.

How To Update Mozilla Firefox 48.0 Version For PC

If you are using PC to brows  all you need to do is to visit Mozilla Firefox official website or go to your settings.

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  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox
  2. Open a new tap before you can go to settings
  3. Tap the Settings Menu
  4. Click on the Options icon
  5. On the Options section, Check your left side bar you will see options like, General, Search, Content, Application and more
  6. Tap the Advanced
  7. Choose Update on the top menu bar to check your update histories before you can update to the new version (48.0)
  8. Then click on the details then it will take to Mozilla Firefox website
  9. Tap the download button to update your Firefox

How To Update Mozilla Firefox 48.0 Version For Mobile Devices

If you know that you can not update update Mozilla Firefox 48.0 version then you can collect it from your friends who update to Firefox 48.0. But if you have Data connection on your phone then you can update it by your self.

  1. Go to App menu on your phone
  2. Tap to open Play Store
  3. Look for Mozilla Firefox app on your phone.
  4. On the Install icon you will see update sign, Then click on the Update button
  5. Wait for a minute while Mozilla Firefox is downloading for the update.
  6. After downloading you can be able to use your Firefox better.
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