Download Magento Mobile Store App For Android & iPhone Device

How can i download the right Magento app Mobile Store?
When you are looking for the right site to download Magento app mobile store, you may end up downloading another app.
However, there are two types of Magento app that works better and developed by Magento Inc.

  • Magento Mobile Store App: This app will help site’s customers to buy any products from your Magento store using the mobile phone.
  • Best, Magento Mobile Assistant App: This app gives you access to real-time Magento store data report.
    Magento Mobile Assistant app is a monitor key details on your products, customers and oders from mobile device such as Android.

There is Magento App builder will work still the same thing but will be better to go with Magento app from your play store.

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However,  The use of Magento app is totally free of charge to access store data with hightly intuitive suer interface. Magento app also gives quick way to see store statistics.

In this article, you will learn how to download Magento app to you android device and other phone.

How To Download Magento App For Android & iPhone

Follow our steps to download Mangento app.

  1. Go to your App Menu
  2. Click on the App play store (Apple, iTunes, Windows and Google Play Store)
  3. Click on the INSTALL button you have seen on the ImageDownload Magento App For Android & iPhone
  4. Wait while Magento app is downloading to your File manager.
  5. After the App is finish download, Click the Open to launch Magento app to your phone before using it.

If you don’t have an account before, Sign up Mangento account but if you have an account before then you click the Mangento Login account.

If you need magento support then make use of the contact help center. Don’t forget that magento website design for all the costumer to have free access to their online stores. That why the magento web development add more features to their ecommerce platforms.

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However, The magento webshop ecommerce software website willl feed you more on mobile shopping app store. Find out about the new Magento app store and Magento developer from your the Mangento website.

If you have problem with your account or you can contact us through the comment section.

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