How To Download Baidu Web Browser On Android , PC Fast

You can now Download Baidu Web Browser On Android and PC, Its Fast and fun to use. BAIDU Web Browser is a Blazing Fast browser and this browser made free for web with an intutive interface and useful tools built in. Baidu base on Chromium platform which the browser speedy, baidu is very light weight and customizable.

Baidu is a Search engine and browser, Baidu was founded in January 18, 2000 Baidu is a Chinese web service company.
Baiudu headquartered at Baidu campus in Beijing’s haidian district in Chinese.
When you talk about Baidu offers i will a sure you that is the best in the system, Baidu rang has number one web browser and search engine in Chinese and its offers so many services which i will likely to states the offer bellow.

Founders and CEO Of BAIDU Web Browser:

CEO: Robin Li
Founded: January 1, 2000, Beijing, China
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Founders: Robin Li, Eric Xu

Good News Baidu Web Browser added some Futures

1. Chinese search engine for websites,

2. audio files
3. images and
4. Videos.

Latest Baidu Browser features its own mouse gesture navigation, a video pop-up player and more. It’s fast, Best, and fun.

Chinese Search engine for web:

is most useful search engine people are using in Chinese follow by Google and yahoo. Because of people in US who don’t understand Chinese and can not write Chinese also, Baidu company now make it to be possible to use Baidu browser by bringing Baidu Translator so that you will be free to translate any words online while using Baidu.


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audio files:

It free to download Audio files from Baidu. Search on the audio file you want to download while clinking on the file it will save to your downloading file.

Images on Baidu:

It easy to download Baidu web browser fine pictures from Baidu just like the same way we download photos on Google and Yahoo search engines.


You can download Videos on Baidu web once you see the video you like. For those who have a blog in Chinese you can also use the baidu videos uploading to upload your videos just like Google YouTube free.

How To Download baidu web browser On Android, Pc, Tablet, Blackerry and iPhones.

Right here i will Show you how to Download and Install Baidu Web Browser without stressing you self too much.

Before you can download you must visit Baidu web browser official web site. Click on this link to Download and Install Baidu.

1. Go to Baidu home page if you understand Chinese
2. If you don’t understand Chinese but you understand English then you can use this link to visit and download Baidu Browser on your PC, Tablet, Android and iPhone –
3. Click on the Baidu Browser Downloading link button on you right side bar.

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