Download Apple iMessage Apps and Join Your Convos

Feel Free to download apple iMessage apps which was lunches this week by Apple company call iMessage which have a lot of styles of OS9.
Before Apple lunched ichat which was one the hottest message apps that enable the user to send messages and also receive SMS on MAC with Message from Apple ichat.

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Latter on, Apple developers discover it can work on Android phones so Apple latter open up that all the Android users can now use iChat on their Android and windows, but today Apple named a newest iMessage Apps to enable the users to enjoy the new app.

With iMessage apps, you (Users) can easily open up an app drawer from iMessage apps to interact with their friends and family and others app at the same time.
Imessage has the biggest additional to message in iOS10, which is the best app ever that Apple produced.
The Apple new App (iMessage) has silly stickers app, mickey mouse gifts, Love, Kiss, Heart, shy and more. imessage have the most lovely animals and nature from A-Z which the users will love to use it.

How Do iMessage Work?

With iMessage you can use it to send SMS/MMS to any one who is using Apple phone and not only sending SMS and MMS, Its can also be used for text, photos and videos over Wi-Fi or Cellular-data network. So many people wonders why is not working on Android and other phones. The true fact is that Android and other companies will produces something difference from iMessage but is going to be similar thing with iMessage.

Difference Between iMessage and SMS/MMS


Learn how to use the iMessages app to send texts, photos, and videos on.

How to know when you are using iMessage and when you are using SMS?
Now what you need to do, if you want to use iMessage. Go to Apple support website or go to apple app from your phone to download iMessage. Note: when you have iMessage on your phone is going to appear in a blue text bubbles.
If you are using SMS: you can also send SMS/MMS message are text and photos, you can not send videos while using SMS but you can only send message and photos to other cell phones or iOS devices only and SMS will appear in green text bubbles on devices, while in iMessage you can send both text, photos and videos to iOS device and Macs over a Wi-Fi.

Apple Keyboard Upgrade on iMessage Apps:

Apple also said about the upgrades to be Quick-type. For iOS 10, the keyboard will enable the users to understand when the friend ask for an contact information and serves up options to send a them as well and the keyboard can understand when the users want to find out where you are and its will send your location on a map on iMessage.

How To Download Apple iMessage Apps

Before you can download apple iMessage apps you need to do is to check your iPhone play store on you phone to download Apple iMessage apps. Click on your play store and search for iMessage apps, Once the apps appear then click to download before you can install iMessage apps need to lunch it first before you have to open the app after then it will create a shortcut after the installation.

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