How to Check 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result

We are glad to bring on this steps to check 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result.

We are not publishing this article to inform you that the 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result is out.

However, we only want to show you steps to check your 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result so that you will not find it difficult to check the result once is out.

NOTE: 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result is not out and the exam as not been conducted yet.


2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Examination will take place on 20 to 23th of September. And then the Ebonyi state University will announce when Ebsu Post UTME result will be out.

2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result will come out in a weeks time after Post UTME examination.

How To Check 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result

No Ebsu Post UTME APP but can access Ebsu website and login with your Post UTME details.
With your mobile phone and PC, you will be able to check Ebsu Post UTME result from your browser.
Follow the steps below to check your 2017/2015 Post UTME Result.

  1. Go to Click on the page
  2. For Ebsu Post UTME Application/Result, click the Portal. Use the image belowCheck 2017/2018 Ebsu Post UTME Result
  3. Click on Post UTME Result
  4. Enter your Jamb Registration number and follow by the options.
  5. Once the Post UTME result appear on your screen, Print it out.
  6. Logout

NOTE: We shall inform the General Public when Ebonyi State University POST UTME result will be out but for now there is nothing to say about Ebsu post UTME result because the post UTME Examination will start soon.

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