How to Block Facebook Game Request & Turn-Off FB Notification

Learn how to block Facebook game request from friends and turn-off Game Request Notification from Facebook settings..

Facebook game is very popular but is not everybody love to play game online and that why not every one love getting Facebook game request.

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So i will show you ways to block Facebook game request from your friends. If you are using iPhone or Android phone you will be able to block Facebook game request.

How to Block Facebook Game Request Notification

Facebook Game can be annoying most time when friends send you game request. But not any more today you will be able to block Facebook game notification. All you need to do is to follow the steps bellow.

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  1. Go to your Facebook app if you are using Android phones or iPhone.
  2. You have to block the specific friends from sending you game requests.
    Once you open your Facebook app, go to Facebook setting once you log into Facebook. At the top side bar corner of the Facebook page, Click on the small inverted triangle which shown arrow down and then click on the settings.
  3. Click the Blocking page, on your left side of the screen on your phone which you will see a many label such has Privacy, Timeline and tag, Blocking, Then click on the blocking tab to open blocking tools.
  4. To block the specific friends that do send you game request on Facebook.
    Once you open the blocking tab you will see Block app invites. Please note that once you block the app invites from someone, you are going to ignore the future app request from that specific friend.
  5. locate the block app invite, then select and type the name of the person who keep on sending you game request every day. Once you type the person name, a list of your friends will come out, You have to select the particular person that do send you game request. Click on the person name, once you add the persons name, it will only block from the game app request.

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