What You Need to know About Backup Files Storage from Google Photos & Download Google Photos Storage

Google Photos Storage will help to keep all your files save and free your mobile or PC storage.
You don’t need to insert your SD card anymore that why you need to get the google cloud photos to save all your files.
Download Google Photos storage to your phone by following the step below.

what is google photos

Google Photos is a new photo gallery from Google, make it easy to save pictures.
The Google Photos Storage, will automatically back up and organized all your photos, videos on your mobile phones and PC.
The google image will never run out of space on your phone and is one of the best unlimited file storage backup.


For Google Photos Storage is totally free and you can access them from any device.
The good things is that, Google photo storage back up is unlimited photos and videos free in High Quality.
You don’t need to worry yourself, your photos and videos are safe and secure private to you.

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So we are going to show you how you can download Download Google Photos Storage to your phone.

The Download Google photos storage app work for iPhone and Android phones, As for PC, you can login to your Google account to access your Google photos storage.

How To Install Google Photos & Download Google Photos Storage for any Devices

Follow the step below to download Google photos storage and App to your mobile phones.

  1. Go to your App store and click your Play Store or Apple store.
  2. Click the Categories from the Play store
  3. Go to Google Cast and locate the Google Photos storage or Google Photos App.
  4. Click the Install to download Google photos storage app to your phone.
  5. Wait while the app is downloading, after download is done, click to launch the app.
  6. Start using Google photos app.

If you are using Apple phone, iPhone, iPad, follow the same way you use to get and install the app.

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