How TO Link Yahoo Mail, Hotmail Account to Gmail Account -All-in-One Account

Today we have a good news for you all about how to add Yahoo Mail, Hotmail account to Gmail account -All-in-One Account.
Gmail is helping you to manage your other email address in on account. No matter how many Mail account you have you can mange it with one email account. So all you need to do is to create account on Gmail but if you have Gmail account before then you can add your account.

Adding you email account to Google Mail (Gmail) is a simple task. Here, what you need to do is to login to Gmail account but if you don’t have an account before then.  However, I will help you to show some few step to register Gmail account.

However, If you don’t install Google Mail App (Gmail App) then you need to download it right a way. It’s will help in saving you from stress from visiting Gmail page. Therefore, all you need to do is to go to your phone app menu and locate Gmail app and then download it.

Download & Install Gmail App on Your Phone.

  • Go to your Phone App Menu
  • Go to Play Store from your App Menu
  • Go to All categories from the app stores Communication.
  • Tap on the Gmail App and
  • Tap the Install but if you are using iPhone then tap the Get It button.
  • However, Wait for some minute while the app is downloading.

After you are done with the Gmail App download then you can be able to sign in or Sign up, So that it will be easy for you.

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To great account you will have to provide a personal information that will require your Full Name, Birthday, Country and others. However, if you have an account before you don’t need to create Gmail account again. Therefore, one account is okay for you.

How To Add Yahoo Mail, Hotmail Account to Gmail Account -All-in-One Account

However, if you really want to learn how to link up your Email account. So you need to follow the step bellow to add yours now. Note, it can be Gmail to Gmail.

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Tap on profile image
  3. On the profile you will see where to Add Account.
  4. Tap on the “ADD ACCOUNT” it will take you to a new tap where you will sign in or register.
  5. Type in the Account you want to link or add to. e.g mynameplu@yahoo to
  6. Tap next and enter your “PASSWORD”
  7. Click on the “SIGN IN” link below.
  8. Wait for a minute while your Email is loading…

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Please note, that you can sign out or remove and add another account

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